Advokatfirman G offers essay internship


The law firm G is one of Sweden's largest law firms with 13 offices in Sweden and three in the Baltics, together we are more than 250 employees. While we have a unique geographic breadth, we can offer a personal workplace with great opportunity to influence and many legal work areas to choose from. We are a full service agency with a focus on business law.   Several of our offices offer internships for those who want to combine studies with practice. It is possible to become an essay intern, trainee or summer notary.   As an intern at G you will assist the Office's lawyers and associate lawyers with various legal and administrative tasks. The main practical tasks are to establish legal inquiries, but also tasks such as drawing up draft letters, letters and agreements. At the same time, you will have to write on your essay.   As a person you should be responsible, creative, accurate, social and – not least – see a future as a successful business lawyer. We value initiative and commitment, both for clients as well as for the agency. We assume that you have good grades and formulate yourself well in speech and writing, in both Swedish and English.   We would like to see you have some kind of affiliation with the city or surrounding region you are looking for and an interest in the areas that each office is working with. Your application should include a personal letter, CV with references, grades and memorandum or equivalent assignment that you have written during your legal education.   Specialization and contact information STOCKHOLM Stockholm works with mergers and acquisitions, Aktiemarknadsjuridik, property law and financing issues. Send your application documents to Jonas Gombrii,, or Andreas Höhling, For questions call Jonas at 08-566 119 34 or Andreas at 08-566 119 13.   Gothenburg Gothenburg Office works with business and ownership, commercial disputes, reconstructions and insolvency, real estate and transactions. Send your application documents to Carina Svanlund, For questions call Jakob Nortoft at 031-710 40 29 or Anna Gustafsson at 031-710 40 46.   Växjö Växjö Office works among other things. With business and Humanjuridik. Send your application documents to Johan Bäckström,, or Fredrik Sund, For questions call Johan at 0470-70 02 77 or Fredrik at 0470-70 02 78.   Helsingborg Helsingborg Office works with Swedish and international business law and has specialist expertise in areas such as Competition law (including procurement Law), dispute resolution, tenancy and real estate Law, construction law and company law, as well as arbitration. Send your application documents to Carin Labeeby, For questions please call Carin at 042-26 99 50. Jönköping University Office works broadly with business law. Send your application documents to Ambjörn Essén, For questions call Ambjörn at 036-30 67 34.   Örebro Örebro Office works with both business law and Humanjuridik, but is mainly interested in receiving trainees with a special interest in insolvency law, labour law or real estate and construction law. Send your application documents to Ester Andersson Zandvoort, For inquiries call Ester at 019-16 65 91.     Norrköping Norrköping Office works broadly with business law. * Essay trainees are only received from the Business Law program in Linköping. Send your application documents to Pernilla Tilly Smelt, For questions call Pernilla at 011-12 92 00.   Falun & LUDVIKA The Falun Office works broadly with business law. Send your application documents to Cecilia Malm, For questions call Cecilia at 023-481 00.