Doctoral students in law wanted to University of Gothenburg

At the Department of Law, School of Economics, University of Gothenburg, exciting and transdisciplinarity research and education are conducted within the field of law. Our law programme is one of the country's most sought after programme courses and our research is characterised by both breadth and excellence. The department has expanded significantly in recent years and has developed strong research environments. The department currently has about 100 employees in the categories of teachers, researchers, doctoral students, amanuenser and administrative staff. We have about 1 200 students in education at undergraduate and graduate level. More information about the department can be found on our website


Tasks the employment commences in August 2019. The period of employment is primarily one year, with the possibility of extension for a further three years. The person who is employed as a doctoral student will primarily devote himself to his/her own training, but in the service it may include departmental duties such as teaching and administrative work up to 20% of full-time. The employment is extended in such a case with the corresponding time.

Applicants will be admitted as doctoral students in one of the department's postgraduate subjects: jurisprudence, public law, civil law, criminal law, international law, procedural law, financial law. Competence of the doctoral student position is addressed to those who are not already admitted to third-cycle studies. In order to be admitted to doctoral education for the graduation of a Juris Doctorate, the applicant must have both basic competence and special jurisdiction. General eligibility for third-cycle studies have graduated from second-cycle level, completed course requirements of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits at Advanced level, or in any other way within or outside the country Acquired essentially equivalent knowledge. A special qualification has been acquired by a Swedish university in a law degree or equivalent, or within or outside the country, acquired knowledge that provides equivalent competence. In assessing whether the knowledge is sufficient, account must be taken in particular of what is required to successfully carry out postgraduate education in a particular subject area. Applicants must possess a satisfactory language proficiency in Swedish or English. Applicants must have passed a law degree or completed all the elements required for a qualification no later than 25 February 2019.

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