Lecture on IIMC

FMSA Örebro invites you to a lecture on the IIMC-Institute of Indian Mother and Child by its founder Dr. Sujit Brahmochary. IIMC is a non-profit organization in Kolkata, India, working for children and Mothers ' health and independence as well as literacy. IIMC was founded in 1989 with the aim of providing basic health care to poor people. Today, IIMC is a comprehensive built environment focuses project involving more than 300.000 people. Several projects are included in addition to Vårdprogrammet, including Financial support and the opportunity to start businesses, free schooling, and nutritional and socio-cultural projects. Thanks to IIMCs project breadth, students from all professions are given the opportunity to go on a volunteer exchange to Kolkata for a month. Come and hear Dr. Sujit himself tell about the organization, how it grew and what you can do to help! IIMC is a project that works to strengthen the position of women in India and thanks to IIMCs project breadth, students from all professions can get the chance to go on volunteer exchange. One can help women to start a business, provide free health care, renovate and work in schools, lecture on different subjects, hold courses, etc. Tuesday 30 November, KL. 17.30-20.00 Auditorium C1, Campus USÖ We offer coffee, warm welcome!