Jönköping District Court seeks legal internship

Job Description The District court is looking for trainees under 2019. As an intern you will get an insight into the District Court's activities through practical work. The duties correspond largely to the tasks of new notaries and mean that you as an intern will carry out legal inquiries, draw up proposals for judgments and decisions and maintain minutes of negotiations. The traineeship period covers at least 10 weeks. Qualifications as an intern, you must be enrolled at a university/college and have not yet completed a law degree. You must have completed semester six in the legal program and adopted a course that contains elements of practice.
We are looking for you who have good legal knowledge and good communicative skills which means that you convey information clearly and easily, both orally and in writing. CV, personal letter and copy of the latest study statement from the legal program should be included in the application. No experience is Required.
Employment terms time-limited traineeship without salary or other remuneration. least 10 weeks. Scope: Full-time access: By agreement application Employer Reference number: 379-18 apply by e-mail to: jonkopings.tingsratt@dom.se
Contact Anette Nilsson Administrative Manager anette.nilsson@dom.se 036-15 67 02 • 0708-35 90 66 Johanna Nyström Notary 036-15 67 95