JP Infonets Trainee Program

Are you ready for the next step? As a trainee with us, you get the opportunity to develop your knowledge and competencies within our different business areas. You will be able to work broadly in the various departments of the business, giving you lots of knowledge, valuable insights and an understanding of our target groups. About the program our one-year trainee programme contains a wide range of tasks and many contact areas. Half of the Traineeperioden, you work at our editorial team in charge of one or more areas of law where you monitor the legal situation in your area and makes the law available on the Web. You get to meet our prominent legal experts who write analyses and get the opportunity to participate in the production of a webcourse. You will also work half Traineeperioden as a business developer with a senior business developer as a supervisor. You gain insight into how to build customer relationships and contact new prospectuses. You will be able to attend any of the trade fairs we participate in and visit one of the company's business offices in Karlstad or Helsingborg. Regularly during the year you will participate in open training and together with the training group develop a programme proposal for training aimed at lawyers and lawyers at authorities. Every quarter, Traineegruppen meets the company's CEO for lunch and talks about business strategies and innovation. In addition, you will get a seat at our coveted Christmas dinner where experts in all areas of the area are present.

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