JURO was established on 2 October 1993 and is a national cooperation Organization that gathers representatives from the Legal Association (“JF”) from the higher education institutions where law degrees are issued. The organisation’s field of activity is student union and educational issues concerning Swedish law students.

The governing board is the organisation’s decision-making and Executive body, which, within the framework of its statutes, shall promote the development and exploitation of the interests of the member communities. The Board consists of the Chairman and two members of the respective JF, thus the board consists of twelve members and chairman. The members are divided between JF and the studiebevakande bodies in the places of study, if these are independent of each other.

Before each meeting, all members shall compile a local report dealing with the educational issues deemed relevant. The city report thus creates a basis for discussion and enables a platform for, for example, Dissemination of information, exchanges of experience and assistance and support among the different Member States. Meetings shall take place at least four times a year and should be placed in the following order; Umeå, Lund or Örebro, Uppsala, Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Chairman of the Board of fiscal year 2017:

Mikael Karlsson 072-3066624 ordf.juro@jf.se