Roschier invites you to student evening!

Welcome to our most enjoyable event! Tuesday, May 8, Roschier organizes a whole night for law students around the country. The evening begins with a drink and ends at. 17.30 followed by two lectures. The lectures will be as follows:

  • Lecture 1 – EU & Competition "The globalized field of law (Andres Acevedo)
  • Lecture 2 – M & A "Transaction A-Z" (Emelie Zellmer)

Andres is one of Roschier's lawyers in the EU & Competition Group and has recently been on exchange at an agency in Washington. Emelie is one of Roschier's lawyers in the M & A group. She has also been in exchange earlier and then worked as a corporate lawyer. Now they are back at the office and are happy to share their experiences and career tips. In addition to Andres and Emelie, a partner will welcome everyone and present the agency and deputy jurists from various business groups who join and mingle during the evening. The evening ends with dinner, drinks and mingle. Transport to and from Roschier is organized by JF. The number of places is limited so register now! Registration is made here.