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The composition Center Stockholm AB is specialized in the transformation, development and reconstruction of companies in insolvency with the aim of recreating the company's values. The fact that we are a bankruptcy trustee is well-known, as is reconstructing companies through chords and corporate reconstructions. We also assist a number of clients with business law advice. In order to encourage and stimulate interest in in-depth studies in subject areas related to the composition Centre's activities and to expand contacts with universities and colleges, the composition Centre 2007 decided to award scholarships annually. The composition centre Stockholm AB each year has two scholarships of SEK 25 000 each. Scholarships are awarded to university students who read the law school at Stockholm University, at Uppsala University or at Örebro University and who have written a thesis essay of at least 30 ECTS credits in one of the following Topics:

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency law
  • Reconstructions of companies
  • Credit law and the financial forms of companies

For 2018 years scholarships the application for scholarship must be submitted to the composition centre Stockholm AB by 31 August 2018. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the degree project and its transmission in the PDF or Wordformat. For applications for 2018 years of scholarships, the degree project must be presented and approved during the academic year 2016/2017 or 2017/2018. Appointment is made by decision of the Board of the Foundation Composition Centre, which is the payer of the scholarship amount. All essay authors applying for scholarships shall allow the composition Centre to publish their essays free of charge. Further information can be provided by Louise Dahl, Central Stockholm AB, tel. 08-670 44 02, e-mail