District Court seeks legal intern Spring 2019

Tasks such as trainees correspond largely to the tasks that new notaries perform at the District Court. You participate mainly in the preparation of criminal cases and are the recorders in the main negotiations and detention negotiations, and write proposals for decisions and judgments. If possible, you can also record or attend civil proceedings. Regardless of future professional plans, practice is a good experience to gain an insight into the court process and the judiciary in general. Qualifications you should study in the law programme and have completed semester six. No experience is Required. Scope of the traineeship: full time Note that the work does not involve any employment without an unpaid traineeship. The practice covers ten weeks in the second half of spring semester 2019. The application application is submitted to the vanersborgs.tingsratt@dom.se CV, personal letter and copy of the latest study statement from the legal program should be included in the application. Apply by: 2019-01-25 Reference number: TVB 2019/8 (stated in the application) contact Caroline Zakariasson, drafting lawyer, 0521-27 02 45 Anton Jägerholt, Law clerk, 0521-27 02 04 who are we? Vänersborg District Court currently has about 90 employees who are divided into three judiciary departments and one administrative unit. Section 1 is a general section dealing with criminal, civil, bankruptcy and court cases. Titles 2 and 3 are land and environmental courts, which deal with environmental objectives, property objectives, objectives according to the Planning and Building Act and the Va-objectives. The district Court serves aldermen, technical advice, drafting lawyers, notaries, court clerks and administrative staff. The District Court is a modern workplace with nice and beautifully situated premises, with good commuting opportunities eg. From Gothenburg.