Uddevalla District Court seeks legal trainees

If the work place Uddevalla District Court has about 40 employees and we have nice premises in the middle of Uddevalla. About half of the employees are judges and notaries, others work at the target Office and the Administration and Service unit. As a court of first instance, we deal with civil, criminal, court and bankruptcy proceedings. Assignments as a law intern, you gain insight into the work of a district court. The tasks correspond largely to the duties of new notaries, such as keeping a record of negotiations, etc. Qualifications you must have completed semester six in the law programme. CV, personal letter and copy of the latest study statement from the law programme must be included in the application. No experience is required. Scope of traineeships full time please note that the work does not involve any employment without an unpaid traineeship. The practice covers 10 weeks, and access takes place either around the end of August/September or around the end of October/November. Application Last modified: 2018-05-04 reference Number: 2018/50 contact persons Arne Åkerström Coordinating Judge 0522-65 71 00 arne.akerstrom@dom.se Julia Svensson Coordinating Law clerk 0522-65 71 00 julia.e.svensson@dom.se