Thesis practice at the Administrative Court of Appeal in Stockholm

The administrative court in Stockholm is the largest of Sweden's four chamber dishes and is also the country's Migrationsöverdomstol. The court has approximately 230 employees, of which about 170 are lawyers. The Administrative Court of Appeal deal with approximately 600 different goal types form, the largest of which are social security, tax and migration targets. The premises of the Administrative Court are beautiful and centrally located at Riddarholmen in Stockholm. The administrative court is now seeking one or more essay trainees with access from February/March 2019. As an essay intern you will get an insight into the administrative Court's activities through practical work. The proceedings in the Administrative Court are mainly written and the cases are decided by two or three judges after oral presentation. You will, in the same way as the Court of Justice's fiscal and rapporteur lawyers, deal with and prefer the objectives of decisiveness. The goals that you get to work with can be controlled based on the subject that you intend to treat in your essay. Applicants who plan to write an essay in connection with the target areas that the Chamber of Appeals will take precedence in admission. The trainee receives no salary or other compensation from the Administrative Court in practice, which relates to a ten. The trainees must be personskadeförsäkrad through universities. Application application with CV and grade from the law line sent by 30 November 2018. Mark the application with Rno KST 2018/381. Communication in connection with the application will be made in the first instance by e-mail. Any questions are answered by the administrative fiscal Jennie Åsberg, phone 08-561 690 60, e-mail A warm welcome with your application!